BOSS Hosted Search

Build your own web search


Build your own web search

Now you can leverage Yahoo’s industry leading Search technology. BOSS Hosted Web Search gives you a co-branded web search experience with unparalleled rich features and customizations. In addition, you also receive the following benefits:

  • Robust set of features at par with Yahoo web search such as image modules, structured content, search refiners, and many more
  • Configurability that allows you to optimize the look and feel of the page
  • Simple and super fast setup
  • Cost savings by eliminating the need to build your own search platform
  • Global availability so you can pick the markets you want to get up and running
  • Rich and engaging features
    Provide more than just links

    Provide answers and not just links to your users with rich results and modules. Show local results with maps, sports scores, team profiles, movie show timings and hundreds of other rich modules just like on Y! Search.

  • Make money
    Create more revenue with search ads

    Hosted Web Search is free-of-charge to use. You also have the opportunity to make money through search ads without doing anything extra. Ads are served as part of the overall search results, so you get them automatically and all partners are automatically considered for revenue sharing.

  • It’s easy
    Get up and running in no time!

    To use Hosted Web Search, no fancy coding is required. Depending on your needs, choose between the iframe or the Fully hosted version. With the iframe version, you’ll get a piece of JavaScript code. All you need to do is include that on your site, and you are serving search results to your users. With the Fully hosted version, you’ll get the link of your search results page. Just direct your search traffic to this link. It’s that simple!

  • Make it your own
    Brand the search results page

    Brand the search result page with your logo so that the user experience has a consistent look and feel across your site. Toggle on/off various modules on the page including search assistance features and refiners.

  • Multiple configurations
    Create new designs of your search experience

    Create new designs of your search experience and see which one works best for your users. You can even show different search experiences depending on your users and their context.

  • Compare Yahoo BOSS Hosted Search vs. Google Custom Search
      Yahoo BOSS Hosted Search Google Custom Search
    Rich Web Search Experience Y N
    Site Logo with your search results Y N
    Free (Ad Supported) Y Y
    Site Specific Search Y Y
    Customizable Search Results Page Y N
    Iframe and Fully Hosted solutions Y N
  • Compare Yahoo Search BOSS offerings
      BOSS Hosted Search BOSS API
    Full Web Search Y Y
    API Based - you create the search experience with XML response N Y
    Javascript Based. Yahoo hosts the experience embedded in your site Y N
    Indexing of your content N N
    Flexibility to re-rank results N Y
    Site Logo with your search results Y N
    Sponsored Search Ads Y Optional